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Self Evident

Whether you are a victim or witness, the Self Evident app is the smart way to report crime and provide evidence to the police. Witness Confident, a registered charity, support witnesses of crime and have provided the Self Evident app and provide more information on their website at https://www.witnessconfident.org 

Our thanks go to Guy at Witness Confident who has allowed us to display this information from their website. Please take time to go to Witness Confident to find out more about their activities and further information on how to download the app and some excellent guidance on how to become a more effective witness.

About the App

The app makes it easy for you to:

  • file a crime report with the police from your smartphone
  • send the police photo and video evidence,
  • record a reliable statement,
  • keep a secure record of your report and evidence, and
  • validate the evidence you have captured.

Self Evident is a free app that records, validates and secures evidence. The app is available for Android and the iPhone. Both apps let you file a report for work, notify an adviser or business of a claim, report a crime to the police, seek support from specialist charities, send the media a news story or just keep the evidence safe by securing it in your private account. 

The image below shows a Self Evident report of a burglary with validated evidence. This is how reports and evidence appear to the police and also how they are managed in your account.

Report Burglary with Self Evident

How do the police respond to a Self Evident report.

An email link to your Self Evident crime report is sent automatically to the relevant police team in England and Wales in our case this would normally be Cambridgeshire. The police will get back to you by email or by phone and you can check when they access your report by logging onto your account at JustEvidence.org.

Reliable Evidence

The Self Evident app lets you capture reliable video, audio and photo evidence in real time and while events are fresh in your mind. When you send the evidence using the app's 'Report' function, it is kept safe in your private, online account.

Evidence captured using the app is particularly reliable, as a data log validating the time, place and file information is sent to and corroborated by our independent server. This helps you prove when and where you took a picture or made a video or audio recording with the app.

Where the digital evidence was not captured with Self Evident, you can import it into the app, secure it in your account and attach it to a report. Please note the validation features do not apply to imported evidence.

Helping you to make Effective Crime Reports and Provide Evidence

Knowing what to report and how to report it can be challenging. Self Evident guides users through making a witness statement, and locates and dates the incident in a secure and convenient report. The app makes things easier for victims and witnesses and offers a new approach to community safety and police-public engagement. 

The app also helps whenever you want to prove something and whenever evidence matters. You can use it to notify an insurer about a treasured purchase, to photograph the scene of a car accident, to record the damage from a leaking roof or the effects of an injury or the progress of recovery, to collect evidence about a dispute, to record a neighbourhood noise that disrupts your sleep, or to prove the condition of an apartment as you move in. By independently validating and securing your evidence, the app avoids misunderstandings, prevents disputes and can help prove a claim.

Your Secure Account

Reports you make using the Self Evident app, along with any evidence you attach, are secured to the private account you get at JustEvidence.org when you register the app. This is where you manage your files, keep and validate evidence, and track when a report you send is opened. If it’s a report to the police, this is where you can give confidential feedback on their response

The app is a simple, secure and smart way for victims and witnesses to make a report and help the police to cut crime.