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Selling a Vehicle


If you are selling your car via a classified advertisement or auction site, be aware of the following fraud scam:

Fraudsters may contact you through your advert, normally by text message and provide you with a link to a fraudulent website.

The website may look professional and similar to the "original" website that you advertised on.

It will explain that there is a ‘potential purchaser’ for your car.

It will ask you to pay a small “arrangement” fee to ensure the purchase takes place by using an e-money method; which could be via UKASH or PAYSAFE vouchers, for example.

It will instruct you to purchase the vouchers and may even provide you with a link to a list of the shops in your area that sell them.

You are then asked to input the unique codes from the e-money product that you have just purchased.

Once input your money is gone!

However urgently you wish to sell your car, do not be misled because of a need to sell it!

Do not pay an advanced fee for the sale of your vehicle.

Meet face to face for an agreed sale and only accept cash