Hedgehogs in Summer



Hedgehogs are hungry and looking for food

The hedgehog’s natural diet mainly consists of slugs, ground beetles, caterpillars and worms.  During cold or dry periods, these creepy-crawlies become much scarcer in gardens, so hedgehogs will benefit hugely from a shallow dish of water and supplementary feeding.  Hedgehogs will relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat food, hedgehog food or cat biscuits. But, please no milk or bread as hedgehogs are actually lactose intolerant! More tips here.

Have you heard some strange noises coming from your garden?

In their second year hedgehogs will be looking to breed and engage in something called “the rut”.  Males attempt to woo females in lengthy encounters that involve much circling and rhythmic snorting and puffing. The commotion can attract rival males to the scene and courtship can be interrupted; head-butting and chases are not uncommon.  So, don’t worry if you hear quite the racket coming from the garden, it could be hedgehogs!  More info here.

Are your ‘hogs gathering nesting material?

Hedgehogs need somewhere to nest during the daytime and mothers are looking somewhere to have their hoglets.  You may be wanting to clean out your hedgehog nest after winter/hibernation, but make sure it’s not occupied already, as disturbing a mother and her hoglets can lead to the mum abandoning her young. More advice here.

You can check out brilliant videos of all these behaviours on the Hedgehog Street You Tube channel.  If you have any great videos of hedgehogs behaviour please send them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Not seeing or hearing any hogs? Make sure your garden is linked up with Hedgehog Highways so that our little friends can move around from garden to garden, to find food or mates.

Thanks for helping hedgehogs!