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Secure Your Cycle

Do you own a pedal cycle? 

Most of us would answer yes to this, if not ourselves then perhaps someone in the family.

Do you always secure your cycle when you are not riding it , even if it is on your property?

Here are some ideas for keeping your cycle more secure.

Make sure that you lock your cycle using a good secure lock when not in use, if out and about, secure it to something like a post and not just through the wheels. Modern bikes sometimes have  quick release wheels which will render just securing through the wheels useless.

Invest in a heavy duty 'D lock' to place around the frame of the bike and to a post, and think about placing a second cable lock through the wheels.

Think about where you leave/lock your cycle when you are out, the more prominent an area, the more it can be seen, the less likely someone will chance stealing it.

Check for a frame number, usually found under the pedals on the framework- make a note of this and register your bike for free on line at :

www.immobilse.com.   This is a property registering site used widely by police when items are found, if you register it, you have a better chance of having it returned should it be located.

You can purchase cycle wall attachments for home which you attach to your wall and then lock your bike to.

If you have a garden shed, keep the bike locked inside and not on show.

Lastly mark your cycle with either a postcode or mark that would identify it to you-most DIY stores have cycle engraving kits .

Thieves are opportunists, if you leave a cycle unlocked it takes seconds to walk off with it, don't think that where you live is a quiet area and I'll only be a couple of minutes - please be aware there have been 2 recent thefts of tricycles in March and Wimblington area.

PCSO Sally Mitchell