Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Creating safer, stronger and active communities

Useful Information and Fact Sheet

Why YOU need a good neighbour.

  Neighbourhood Watch is good for YOU


What Neighbourhood Watch Offers

  • More neighbourliness.
  • You’re more joined up to deal with or respond to problems.
  • More awareness about local crime levels.
  • People feel safer when they feel part of the neighbourhood.
  • Discount on home insurance maybe 5% to 10%
  • Access to further low price crime prevention items, such as purse bells.
  • A Neighbourhood Watch community is a friendlier community.
  • Improved community spirit.
  • Vulnerable neighbours feel less isolated.
  • Research shows such communities have healthier living standards.
  • People help each other out.
  • Older residents living on their own feel re assured and comforted knowing there are people living nearby who would help them if they need it.
  • Share local problems and share the solutions.
  • In Partnership with the Police for many years.
  • Communications to/from the police and Neighbourhood Watch by ALERT/eCops e mail scheme.
  • Own Website


  • The largest voluntary organisation in the country.
  • Over 4 million members.
  • Established in 1982.
  • Free
  • Open to all.

Current Research Suggests

Neighbourhood Watch is a trusted and well-known brand–only 1% of the public had never heard of Neighbourhood Watch in 2000, compared with 6% in 1992.

Academic research has shown that NHW can reduce crime between 16 and 26%. However, this is always followed by lots of cavets and the conclusion stating that there are various factors to what makes NHW successful in reducing crime.

90% of members believe that NHW reduces crime and 94% that NHW increases community interaction among residents.

When asked, over three quarters of the public said that they would join NHW if they knew how or where asked to join.

The British Crime Survey places us with having 173,000 scheme coordinators covering approximately 3.8 million households.  However, this excludes any measurement or reference to wider watch schemes such as Junior NHW, Countryside Watch, and Farm Watch etc.

Memberships more prevalent in affluent areas, with 25% of adults as being members, compared with 6% in the most deprived areas.

Really useful websites 



Join Neighbourhood Watch

Want to feel safer down your street? Then e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or phone 101 and ask your neighbourhood police team for more information.

Step One – Contact Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch, we need your name and address, telephone no. e mail address.

Step Two – Register on e Cops via Cambs Police website at www.ecops.org.uk once registered its easier to transfer you to your neighbourhood watch registration...

Step Three- We will contact you to offer help and assistance and come and see you.

Step Four- Contact your neighbours, if you would like help with this let us know.


 Remember the website www.whittleseynhw.org.uk is updated regularly with latest information.


Good Watching and keep in contact. 

Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch

Ps And don’t forget you will need some street signs to show to everyone it’s a ‘Watch’ area,
Our group along with other community groups will install ‘Street signage’ – a visible deterrent to would be