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Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Creating safer, stronger and active communities

Useful Information and Fact Sheet

Why YOU need a good neighbour.

  Neighbourhood Watch is good for YOU


What Neighbourhood Watch Offers

  • More neighbourliness.
  • You’re more joined up to deal with or respond to problems.
  • More awareness about local crime levels.
  • People feel safer when they feel part of the neighbourhood.
  • Discount on home insurance maybe 5% to 10%
  • Access to further low price crime prevention items, such as purse bells.
  • A Neighbourhood Watch community is a friendlier community.
  • Improved community spirit.
  • Vulnerable neighbours feel less isolated.
  • Research shows such communities have healthier living standards.
  • People help each other out.
  • Older residents living on their own feel re assured and comforted knowing there are people living nearby who would help them if they need it.
  • Share local problems and share the solutions.
  • In Partnership with the Police for many years.
  • Communications to/from the police and Neighbourhood Watch by ALERT/eCops e mail scheme.
  • Own Website
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Stay Safe Book

 Stay Safe front Cover

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) has just published a comprehensive collection of crime prevention and safety advice. 

You can download the document by clicking on the image. If you would like to read the booklet on screen without downloading click here.

At present, it is only available in electronic format. However,

The Neighbourhood Watch Network are looking into ways of producing it in hard copy format.

Stay Safe Cards

A really good idea from Cambridgeshire Police, welll worth checking out.

The Stay Safe card was developed so that vulnerable people can get support in the community.

The cards hold information about the card holder:

  • Health concerns
  • Communication issues
  • Helpful contact details for friends and family
  • Contact instructions if the police are required
Read more: Stay Safe Cards

Secure Your Cycle

Do you own a pedal cycle? 

Most of us would answer yes to this, if not ourselves then perhaps someone in the family.

Do you always secure your cycle when you are not riding it , even if it is on your property?

Here are some ideas for keeping your cycle more secure.

Make sure that you lock your cycle using a good secure lock when not in use, if out and about, secure it to something like a post and not just through the wheels. Modern bikes sometimes have  quick release wheels which will render just securing through the wheels useless.

Invest in a heavy duty 'D lock' to place around the frame of the bike and to a post, and think about placing a second cable lock through the wheels.

Think about where you leave/lock your cycle when you are out, the more prominent an area, the more it can be seen, the less likely someone will chance stealing it.

Check for a frame number, usually found under the pedals on the framework- make a note of this and register your bike for free on line at :

www.immobilse.com.   This is a property registering site used widely by police when items are found, if you register it, you have a better chance of having it returned should it be located.

You can purchase cycle wall attachments for home which you attach to your wall and then lock your bike to.

If you have a garden shed, keep the bike locked inside and not on show.

Lastly mark your cycle with either a postcode or mark that would identify it to you-most DIY stores have cycle engraving kits .

Thieves are opportunists, if you leave a cycle unlocked it takes seconds to walk off with it, don't think that where you live is a quiet area and I'll only be a couple of minutes - please be aware there have been 2 recent thefts of tricycles in March and Wimblington area.

PCSO Sally Mitchell

Scam Warning

Since September 2013 Cambridgeshire has suffered almost 100 fraud offences with a similar story. We believe these are orchestrated by several organised crime groups possibly from the London area. 

  • The victim is cold called and informed by someone who identifies themselves as a police officer that their card has been cloned.
  • They either request the victim packages up the cards complete with PIN codes or that they withdraw thousands so that the investigation can be progressed. 
  • The caller asks the victim to confirm their identity by hanging up and calling 999.
  • The caller somehow keeps the line open and assumes the identity of a 999 operator, telling the victim that everything is fine. 
  • The caller then calls the victim back and informs them a courier will be dispatched to collect the parcel. 

 The victims are predominantly vulnerable but only about 1 in 10 are falling for it.  The ones that have fallen for it are often defrauded of thousands of pounds.
The gangs seem to have switched tactics recently and are sending genuine couriers to collect the parcels.

Recently a victim contacted the Police reporting she was waiting at home with £5,000 for a courier to collect
Fenland has recently had two reports of this type of offence. Please be alert. If you have any doubts at all about a caller to your home call the Police on 101  and report your suspicions. 

We need to catch these individuals.

 Many thanks

Carol Aston
Crime Prevention Officer
Covering Fenland and Northern Sector Peterborough
Cambridgeshire Police