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Whittlesey Recycling Centre

There is a perception that a decision has already been made! – very little notice if any was taken on views expressed during the Transport consultation carried out by Cambs County council.
I would encourage as many residents to fill in the online consultation survey Click Here  or  Household Recycling Service Review Survey to make your views known.

I attach photographs taken in 2010 when the County council spent several hundred thousand of ££££’s on the Whittlesey Recycling Centre.This was done after the public again made it known of their views on the possible closure. The County council are wrong in their assumption that ‘Fly Tipping’ does not increase if a Recycling Centre is closed and I would challenge this.
Fly Tipping Fly Tipping

Some of the effects when- New Road Whittlesey when the Recycling Centre was closed for refurbishment/upgrade.

 Fly Tipping 

More Fly Tipping when the Recycling Centre was closed                           

 Fly Tipping Fly Tipping

The New Road Recycling Centre two days before it was re-opened April 2010. 

Recycling Centre fit for purpose…. What Whittlesey wants and needs.


Roy Gerstner

Independent Councillor
Whittlesey Town Council