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Cannabis Factory Found

In a previous Ecops I mentioned that while on patrol we came upon an individual smoking cannabis. Not connected, but along similar lines, this subject would arise again!

The reason I did not send you all a message yesterday was that I was late leaving work, and just ran out of time.

This was due to my colleagues and I becoming involved in a Cannabis Factory being discovered as a result of Neighbourhood Policing, in March. Finding something to occupy yourself while self isolating is of course a good idea. Turning your upstairs living accommodation into a cannabis forest, is probably not what the Government had in mind. For some reason, whoever was living in the property was not at home when my Police colleagues opened the front door, with a very large door knocker. I guess they were out for their 1 hour permitted exercise. For those of you who have never smelt Cannabis, I can only describe it as Organic Cat litter !! I do not recommend it as a Cologne, not unless you want nil friends. It certainly gives you a headache, after a short time.

Very soon local people out for their legitimate walk, while social distancing, would call out " I COULD SMELL THAT, FROM TWO STREETS AWAY".  While moving even further away.
Other residents simply enjoyed the live Police action taking place on their doorstep. Good value for their Tax money.  But very soon closing their windows.
108 smelly plants later we were all ready to go home. 2 colleagues arrived from our Peterborough station and collected said plants for destruction. I only hope they had their van window open on the journey back. Then began the process of removing all the electrical equipment, this is used to keep the plants nice and warm, and cosy, and aids their growth.  

Obviously I can not disclose exactly where this all happened, but if you should encounter a strange smell in your street, please inform us.

We are still conducting business as usual, as well as Covid related measures.

I will be off work the next two days, but my colleagues will still be out and about on patrol, as ever.

Until the weekend, I wish you all a safe and healthy couple of days.

Pcso Jonathan Hall.