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Cats, Cars and Cannabis

Todays shift has been a good one.

Much the same as recent shifts with patrols of local supermarkets and open spaces.

After about six in the evening the town goes quiet and a deserted look and feel takes over. My little patrol car patrolling empty streets.


cat and fence

That was until I came over the bridge in Creek Road, March. A small group of people had gathered and began to all look in my direction. I was not quite sure why I was suddenly of great interest. That was until I noticed the white car that, after destroying a length of wooden fence and scraping down the side of a row of Terrace houses, had finally come to rest in someone's garden. The fishing gnome was not impressed!

I had better stop, I thought. No one was hurt and the driver was suitably embarrassed, quite right too. I heard his story of him trying to avoid a cat. Maybe the cat was sitting on top of the fence that was now resembling match wood. ( No cats were injured, I hasten to add).

In less than a minute sirens could be heard, and a police colleague arrived. Then began the taking of details and pictures. It was not drink driving, maybe in a hurry to get home after his allowed Covid shopping trip ????

The recovery truck arrived to collect the bent car, and I continued with my patrols, leaving officer and driver in deep discussion.


Later, I transported a quantity of cannabis for secure keeping at our Wisbech station. This is normal practice when drugs are seized.

Another shift draws to a close.

I will be off for the next three days, but my colleagues will be on duty, on patrol, and keeping the peace.

I wish you well, I wish you goodnight.

Pcso Jonathan Hall