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Parking Problems


Motor vehicle ownership has continued to increase and, with the same amount of parking space available, this has resulted in problems for both drivers and non-drivers. Parking has become a major source of friction and often leads to disputes, ill-will and a general lack of respect for each other. Worse still there seems to have been an increase in the amount of selfish and thoughtless parking where drivers only seem to consider their own priorities and ignore the effects their actions may have on others.


This article is aimed at helping you to appreciate some of the complexities that surround our parking laws.

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Be Aware!

A person has approached a Whittlesey resident at their today, 13th March 2017 to see if gutters needed cleaning. The person seemed to want to know if the resident was alone and asked questions apparently trying to establish if they were likely to be on their own later in the day. When their offer of work was refused they later returned to the property anyway and began putting their ladders in the garden and acting in a manner which intimidated the resident. The police were called and attended very rapidly. The two men had disappeared in the meantime, probably when they were aware the police were in the area. There were two men both wearing flurescant jackets. They travelled in a small white van with a 59 number plate.

If you see something similar in your area please contact the police on 101 or use 999 if:

  1. it's an emergency.
  2. a crime is in progress.
  3. someone suspected of a crime is nearby.
  4. there is danger to life.
  5. violence is being used or threatened.

Whittlesey Burglary

A burglary occurred in the Palmer Close area of Whittlesey on Friday 3rd February between 9.20am and 19.00pm. A safe has been taken from a dwelling containing money and identification documents. If anyone has seen or heard anything please contact us on 101 quoting CF0061810217. Please make sure you keep your doors and windows locked.

Kind Regards

PCSO Shane Green

Cemetery Theft

We have received a report of the theft of items from a grave in the Whittlesey Cemetery. This dispicable act has caused considerable distress to the relative concerned. We have the deepest sympathies for the lady in question. Whilst any items left on graves are placed there at the owner’s risk, it is extremely disappointing that someone would commit theft from a graveside. 

If anyone has any information about this or any other similar crimes please inform the police via the 101 phone number. If you have been a victim of theft we would advise reporting it to the police. 


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