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Ticket Fraud

Fraudsters regularly offer tickets for music festivals and popular sporting events scheduled for the summer. The tickets are generally offered for sale in the spring time and as the official tickets are sometimes not released until weeks before the event, potential victims don’t realise they have been deceived for some time after parting with their hard earned money. The internet is the most common place where this occurs; on platforms such as bogus websites, online auction sites and via social media.

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We are always high-lighting speeding (and parking) issues, this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

I thought I would inform you that there is a ‘camera van’ regularly near Kings Dyke crossing, sometimes it is the British Rail Police and as yesterday the Cambs Police Camera Van.

Just in case you though I stopped near/on the Railway crossing to take a picture ... I have a pretty sophisticated camera system in my own car which takes video in HD and 30 frames/second still pictures – legally…

For those who could not attend our last meeting, our PCSO’s are for ever attending areas which are high-lighted by yourselves, members of the public and Whittlesey Town Council – dealing with ‘Parking issues’ – on average between 30 to 40 tickets are issued every month….so somebody is getting an unpleasant surprise.

The schools are always an ongoing issue and again our Police are well aware of ‘educating’ parents about either illegal or inconsiderate parking.


Roy Gerstner

Chairman Whittlesey NHW

Whittlesey Recycling Centre

There is a perception that a decision has already been made! – very little notice if any was taken on views expressed during the Transport consultation carried out by Cambs County council.
I would encourage as many residents to fill in the online consultation survey Click Here  or  Household Recycling Service Review Survey to make your views known.

I attach photographs taken in 2010 when the County council spent several hundred thousand of ££££’s on the Whittlesey Recycling Centre.This was done after the public again made it known of their views on the possible closure. The County council are wrong in their assumption that ‘Fly Tipping’ does not increase if a Recycling Centre is closed and I would challenge this.
Fly Tipping Fly Tipping

Some of the effects when- New Road Whittlesey when the Recycling Centre was closed for refurbishment/upgrade.

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Local Crime Map

The Local Crime Map is useful for analysing the types of crimes, the outcomes of investigations and patterns of crime over a time period.

Try clicking on a number of crimes to see more detail.  What is happening near you?

Try altering the month and year drop down - is crime rising or falling in your area?

To view more statistics on local crime try which is a useful site with many statistics free to view.

Recycling Centre Review

A consultation has been launched to review recycling centres in Cambridgeshire.

It is very important for our community groups to be informed of this consultation. Information about the review and how to respond to the consultation response  is here.

On reading through the various documentation, Officers at Cambs CC claim that by ‘closing’ recycling centres in other
parts of the region have not resulted in an increase In Fly-tipping.

The Whittlesey Recycling Centre processes some 3,200 Tons of Waste per year.
It being the smallest ‘could’ be on the hit list to close?

I would encourage as many members of our community groups and members of the public to fill in the questionnaire.

With regards,

Roy Gerstner
Independent Councillor
Whittlesea Town Council
Chairman of Whittlesea Street Pride
Chairman of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch


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