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Fraud, often called Scams, is the fastest growing area of crime and is often not reported.

ActionFraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.

They provide a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime.

Click here to download a leaflet about Action Fraud.

Click here to read the article on What to Do if you or someone you know thinks they might have been scammed.


Fake Calls Impersonating Action Fraud

Action Fraud (www.actionfraud.police.uk) is the national Police reporting centre for all fraud and cyber related crime and provides quality information and products to help protect yourself, family, and business.

I am aware of information that suggests fraudsters are making telephone calls to the public and impersonating Action Fraud.

Currently, none of these reports appear to originate from within Cambridgeshire.


If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Action Fraud, hang up immediately it is highly likely a scam.

Action Fraud will NOT cold call the public either by telephone, social media, text, or email. If you wish to communicate with Action Fraud, then visit their genuine website www.actionfraud.police.uk and use the contact details on the webpage

If you suspect that you may have been a victim of a scam, then contact your Bank immediately and then report to Action Fraud.

Cadbury Easter Egg Scam

Cadbury has issued a warning to the public over a free Easter chocolate scam that has been circulating on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Although I have not yet seen an example of the scam message, reporting suggests it is titled; ‘CADBURY FREE EASTER CHOCOLATE BASKET’ along with a purple graphic of a chocolate egg.

The message is based on a typical phishing layout in that it appears genuine (Cadbury) and attempts to deceive the reader to click on a link that leads to a fake webpage and then requests private information which can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Avoid clicking on a link or opening an attachment in any form of electronic communication; social media, text, email unless you are satisfied the sender is genuine. Contact or research the alleged sender using a genuine website or genuine app, don’t reply to the suspicious message or use any contact details within the text.

The official Twitter post from Cadbury about the scam is detailed below:

The following link relates to a Sky News article:

Cadbury issues warning over Easter chocolate WhatsApp scam | UK News | Sky News

Fake Telephone Call in the Name of the Financial Services Agency

We have been notified of a  scam by the Serious & Organised Crime (Intelligence and Specialist Crime Department) of Cambridgeshire Police.

 The scam worked like the following where Person A is the recipient of the call.

Person A receives a telephone call in which the caller ID displays 0800 111 6768 Research shows this number relates to the Financial Services Agency.

Person A hears a female voice which quoted their name and address, the caller went on to say that they were calling from the Financial Services Agency.

Person A was told that someone using their name and address had taken out a loan in Brighton and that it could affect their credit rating.

Person A told the caller that they had not taken out a loan and asked the caller to put the details in writing and send via the post.

Person A was asked to hold the line whilst the caller obtained more details, but after a few minutes the line was disconnected but not by Person A.

Person A contacted the Financial Services Agency who stated that they do not phone any private individuals and confirmed that the call was a scam.


Read more: Fake Telephone Call in the Name of the Financial Services Agency


Please be alert to the suspicious email (detailed below) that has been received today by a resident within Cambridgeshire, it exploits the briefing at the weekend by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In the suspicious email note the ‘From’ address.

The official domain name of the NHS is @nhs.uk NOT @pcr-nhs-test.co.uk

There is no such thing as an OMICRON PCR TEST.

Omicron is a variant of Covid, and a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, detects the presence of the COVID-19 virus in the human body.

The official sources make NO reference to an ‘Omicron PCR test kit’ because it does not exisit.

The wording in the suspicious email is not what I would expect from the NHS or gov.uk, it refers to NHS scientists, which I find VERY odd due to the private sector developing the vaccine.

It asks the question ‘What happen if you decline a COVID-19 Omicron test’? There is no ‘s’ after the word happen, poor grammar which I would expect from an official genuine sender.

You may also note in the body of text, that they also spell Omicron, OMICORN.

Spelling, grammar, all the red flags are in this phishing email.

If you wish to find out more about the variant Omicron or forms of testing, then visit the genuine websites www.gov.uk or www.nhs.uk

If you receive any suspicious email please forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Avoid clicking on links instead, visit the genuine official website or genuine app of the alleged sender.


From: NHS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..u)
Sent: 30 November 2021 08:43
Subject: Get Your Free Omicron PCR test - Apply now to avoid restrictions




Get Your Free Omicron PCR today to avoid restrictions

NHS scientists have warned that the new Covid variant Omicron spreads rapidly, can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people, and makes jabs less effective.However, as the new covid variant (Omicron)has quickly become apparent, we have had to make new test kits as the new variant appears dormant in the original test kits.

What happen if you decline a COVID-19 Omicron test?

In this situation, we warned that testing is in the best interests of themselves, friends, and family. People who do not consent or cannot agree to a COVID-19 test and refuse to undergo a swab must be isolated.

How to request a Free Omicron PCR test?

You can order your Omicorn pcr test via NHS portal by clicking the link below:


What happen if you are positive?

If positive, they must isolate for 10 days and should be reported to Public Health England.