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EE Scam

ee scamThis text message is circulating within Cambridgeshire. If you are not an EE customer then hopefully it should become suspicious to you and you will see that it is a scam. If you are an EE customer then please be alert. The link in blue will take you to aspoof website in that it is controlled by criminals leading you to think you are logging into your account, but you will only be revealing your email and password who may then access your ee account and/or other accounts especially if you use the same password for more than one online account. Everything after the HTTPS in the link should be suspicious to you. The correct domain name for ee is https://ee.co.uk




If you receive a text/email/instant message from a recognisable company or organisation and you are unsure about the content, then please contact them using a trusted method and not by replying to the email or text.

Use a unique strong password per email or social media account, ideally every online account you have should use a unique strong password. The three random word method for creating a strong password is worth considering.