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Cadbury Easter Egg Scam

Cadbury has issued a warning to the public over a free Easter chocolate scam that has been circulating on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Although I have not yet seen an example of the scam message, reporting suggests it is titled; ‘CADBURY FREE EASTER CHOCOLATE BASKET’ along with a purple graphic of a chocolate egg.

The message is based on a typical phishing layout in that it appears genuine (Cadbury) and attempts to deceive the reader to click on a link that leads to a fake webpage and then requests private information which can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Avoid clicking on a link or opening an attachment in any form of electronic communication; social media, text, email unless you are satisfied the sender is genuine. Contact or research the alleged sender using a genuine website or genuine app, don’t reply to the suspicious message or use any contact details within the text.

The official Twitter post from Cadbury about the scam is detailed below:

The following link relates to a Sky News article:

Cadbury issues warning over Easter chocolate WhatsApp scam | UK News | Sky News