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Good Neighbours Update

These updates are from the Community Protection Team

If you have had an accident which you have reported please be aware if someone contacts you regarding compensation. It is easy to assume that this person is from the organisation you have been in contact with, particularly as they may know many details of the accident. Several people have recently mentioned that they have been contacted this way and one was asked to go to a supermarket to buy £225 worth of iTunes vouchers in order for the compensation to be released. You will be happy to hear that in this instance the person in question realised it was a scam before spending the money.

If you are a small (or large!) business owner please be aware of the postal scam where you are contacted and asked to update your details for a database, eg VAT details for the UK Corporate Portal. When you respond you are actually signing up to a contract. The letter suggests that there is no charge but beware, there is, the details are well hidden in a jargon-filled letter. Also watch out for another email claiming to originate from Companies House regarding a complaint against your business, the subject line may contact a case reference as well. We are told that there is a virus embedded within this email that will infect the machine upon opening,