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Are You a Good Neighbour?

A report from Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch takes a look at the nation’s attitudes towards neighbours. The report reveals that just 15% of people have invited their neighbours over to their home and almost a quarter (24%) think they’re a good neighbour because they keep themselves to themselves.

When asked, two in five people (41%) think they are a reasonably good neighbour and only 2% do not think they’re good neighbours.

Neighbourhood Watch wants to create safer communities where local people look out for each other.

When asked what type of relationship people would like to have with their neighbours, 36% said they’d like them to look out for each other.

The top traits of a good neighbour, according to the report, include:

• Looking out for each other
• Being sociable and friendly
• Being practically helpful
• Being kind, caring and respectful

In the past being a good neighbour was about having a chat over the garden fence or popping round to lend a hand. In our modern world the qualities of a good neighbour are shifting more towards offering practical help with aspects of modern life – such as taking in parcels for people or keeping an eye on their property while they’re out in the day time.


Source: A Neighbourly Nation: Through the keyhole