Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

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Summer Home Security

Summer! This means that its time to be thinking of a security check for your home.

Burglaries happen more often now as windows are left open, and doors are left unlocked. If you are in the back garden, with your front door left unlocked, all you are doing is presenting an opportunity for a burglar. Remember to always lockyour front door when at home, and always close your windows when you go out.

A basic check of your home is easy - just walk around your home checking that windows and doors have correct locks and frames are secure. Do you have a side gate? Is it locked and inaccessible to climb? Do you need to extend the height of it? Check that your fence is secure and solid. Look inside your home – what can you see that a burglar would also see? Are there expensive items on show?  Move them and don’t leave anything on show!

A very important aspect to think of is how your home appears to passers-by. Rogue traders will target people whose homes and front gardens look neglected. This presents them with an ideal opportunity to knock on your door and make contact, which in turn can lead to shoddy work being carried out, or no work at all, yet you are made to pay a small fortune. If you do need work doing please refer to Buy With Confidence or are recommended to you.