Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Antisocial Behaviour

 We are seeing an increase of reports about anti-social behaviour in Whittlesey. If you do see incidents of this please report to the police as it seems most reports are via Facebook and general talk rather than reporting to the authorities. To help you I have included some useful information below. 

Anti-social behavior refers to any actions or behaviors that disrupt or harm society and the people around us. It can include a wide range of actions, such as vandalism, littering, harassment, aggressive behavior, noise pollution, drug use, and more.

Anti-social behavior can have a negative impact on the quality of life for individuals and communities, leading to feelings of fear, anxiety, and a breakdown of social cohesion. Addressing anti-social behavior often involves a combination of prevention strategies, early intervention, and enforcement measures. This may include community engagement programs, education and awareness-raising campaigns, social service interventions, and legal penalties for offenders.

If you witness or experience anti-social behavior, it is important to report it to the appropriate authorities. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Gather evidence: If possible, take notes or pictures of the incident. This can include the time and location, a description of the behavior, and any other relevant details. We have provided an ASB Incident Diary for you to download and record important details and there is information about reporting ASB in our ASB Toolkit which is part of our Say NO to ASB campaign.
  2. Identify the appropriate authority: Depending on the situation, you may need to report the behavior to different authorities. For example, you could contact the police especially if it is an emergency or a crime is in progress. If the behavior is related to housing or public spaces, you may need to contact your local council or housing provider.
  3. Contact the authority: You can report anti-social behavior to the police by phone (101), online, or using chat, look for the green chat symbol on the police website or in person. Check the website of the relevant authority for their contact information.
  4. Provide information: When you report the behavior, be prepared to provide information about what you witnessed or experienced. This can include details about the individuals involved, if known. Our ASB Incident Diary will provide you with help on what to report.
  5. Follow up: After you report the behavior, you may be asked to provide further information or to attend court as a witness. It is important to follow up on any requests and to continue to report any further incidents.

Remember that reporting anti-social behavior can help to protect yourself and others in your community.